Thoughts on Commissioners and GMs For Brand Split

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July 12, 2016 by Everett Barilla


As it was discovered on Raw last night Steph will be the Commissioner of Raw and Shane the Commissioner of SmackDown, which confused a lot of people as they assumed commissioner was the new term for GM but nope Vince announced next week on Raw the night before the draft and SmackDown goes live, they must choose a GM or Vince will assign one to them.Sadly it was also in Vince’s speech/announcement that Raw is still 3 hours long, they cannot make it work with a full roster what will they do with half of one. Over the last few weeks we have seen past GMs like Teddy Long, Vickie Guerrero, John Laurinaitis appear and make a play for GM but that appeared to be what Steph and Shane were fighting over but now makes it more interesting. So why have that Commissioner, GM style hierarchy well it becomes obvious that neither ones do to other commitments whether in the office or family cannot always attend the shows each week so having a permanent fixture to leave in charge is not something new with the WWE but can take the main focus off the McMahon family until it comes time for say something like Survivor Series (which I am attending in Toronto), where in the past we have seen Team Raw vs Team SmackDown and many other power struggles come to an end or battle, such as Eric Bischoff vs Stone Cold (struggle for Raw).

I kind of like the idea of the Commissioner, GM hierarchy and the way the shows will run but not for a star of this brand split, because the whole focus has been Steph vs Shane out in person, now they will hideaway form the audience except when it comes to major events such as a head to head and PPV’s like WrestleMania. I feel say after Summer Slam or post likely after Survivor Series we see that formation come into play with a GM starting to take over the show and make the McMahon, whether Steph, Shane or Vince more special later on down the line. Personally I’d like to see Bischoff back there as a GM, or a Mick Foley or possibly Ric Flair back with power, or highly doubted to happen maybe Stone Cold. Actually one that I find could be the most interesting is to have the recently retired form in-ring wrestling Steve Borden run one, as he did in TNA, oh by the way Steve Borden is STING. I will be interesting to who is selected but I hope its a former wrestler or someone from the past  who can fit the bill and someone who is not to gimmicky like Teddy Long or John Laurinaitis, someone like how William Regal is in NXT.

Who would you want to GM your brand ?

Who should the two GMs be ?

Comment or tweet me your opinions @_wrestlingviews


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